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At Eagle Canyon Wellness & Sensory Development Center, we focus on a whole body approach to healing and achieving optimum health. Health is not the absence of disease; however, it is the absence of DIS-EASE within the body. Optimum health takes place when the body is free of physical, chemical and emotional stressors. We favor a “team approach” to healing and we understand that each person has different health goals that they wish to achieve; therefore, we offer various levels of service depending on each person’s specific needs and goals..


Make certain that any risk factors are minimized and a healthy baby is the result. Learn More»

Infants & Toddlers

Ensure that your child's nervous and immune systems are at their optimal level. Learn More»

Tweens, Teens & Adults

We provide chiropractic, wellness, exercise plans, and nutritional care for the entire family. Learn More»

Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Dr. Buerger is dedicated to caring for those with neurodevelopmental conditions. Learn More»

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