Infants & Toddlers

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

~Kevin Donka, DC

Caring for the health of future generations

At Eagle Canyon Wellness & Sensory Development Center, we feel that in today’s world; where one in six children suffer from a neurodevelopmental disorder, it is imperative that we focus on optimal development and wellness for the future generations.  Dr. Buerger is committed to working with children from birth on to ensure that their nervous and immune systems are as healthy as possible and each child be allowed to reach their full life potential!

Dr. Buerger offers specific pediatric chiropractic care along with cranial-sacral and myofascial release.  She will also address nutritional and dietary issues and any possible concerns as the child develops.  Because of her expertise in neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr. Buerger feels that it important to monitor the developmental progression of each child to make certain that they reach their developmental milestones in a timely and appropriate manner.  If a child should miss, or not engage in a particular developmental milestone for a long enough period of time, it may later lead to difficulties with academic, social, behavioral, and motor learning.

Why do children need chiropractic care?

Vertebral Subluxations are subtle misalignments that occur in the spine and lead to nervous system disruption between the brain and the body. Spinal subluxations can occur during fetal development or during the birth process.   Nerve impulses, messages between your brain and your body, travel through your spine.  Therefore, it is important that newborns be checked by a family wellness chiropractor to ensure proper development of the spine and nervous system.  Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Subluxations can also contribute to an atypical or immature development of the nervous system which can lead to various developmental delays or chronic health issues.  As the child grows and experiences falls and other such events, the risk of vertebral subluxations grows as well.   Maintaining a subluxation free spine is essential for optimum health!

Common childhood conditions shown to benefit from chiropractic care:

Attention problems
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Colic/fussy babies
Developmental delays
Ear infections
Poor immune system
Sleep issues
Speech delays

For more information and benefits of pediatric chiropractic care visit ICPA.



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