Neurosensory Integration for the Doctor of Chiropractic- Implementation Program

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Forms CD & Hard Copies
Contains Hx & PE forms specifically for sensory dysfunction, Treatment Disclaimer, Sensory and Academic Profiles (infant/toddler, pre-school, 5-12, and 12+ yrs), Analysis  of Evaluation Form, Treatment  Recommendation Form and more! 
Neurosensory Dysfunction Evaluation CD & Hard Copies :     
80+ Power Point Slides with detailed descriptions and photos of specific neurosensory tests and primitive reflex testing, their meaning and their effects on neurosensory development .
ABC’s to Implementing a Neurosensory Program Into Your Practice CD & Hard Copy:
Guidelines to implementing a Neurosensory Program in your office along with detailed descriptions of more than 100 sensory exercises and activities specific to the level and type of sensory dysfunction created as Free CD Updates for one-year from date of purchase
One FREE 30 minute phone “start up ready- to-use sensory exercise patient handouts.
Package also includes:
Consultation & Two FREE 15 minute follow-up phone or e-mail consultations
One pair of sensory bean bags & two sensory eye tracking pens
Total Package Price: Only $499  USD
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