“…We found Dr. Buerger about 6 months after my son Luke was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, an autism spectrum disorder.  He has made tremendous gains under her care.  He can now eat and enjoy his foods, where texture sensitivities prevented this before.  His all-night tantrums have subsided almost entirely.  Within the last month he has started independently adding adjectives to his favorite words and has even started using two and three word sentences. I firmly believe these improvements are due in large part to the treatment Luke has received with “Dr. B.”.  If I could have a wish, it would be that every child with an autism spectrum disorder would have access to Dr. Buerger’s approach to treatment.  We have a long way to go with Luke, but thanks to Dr. Buerger, we have hope for Luke’s recovery.


S. H. – Rigby, Idaho  

“My son Ethan, who is 12 years old, struggles with compulsiveness and nervous motions and is allergic to dairy and eggs.  He had an issue with defiance and coordination- as well as anger management. Since seeing Dr. Buerger this last year, all areas have greatly improved or, as in the case of rashes and constipation, have discontinued altogether.  Ethan’s coordination has totally improved, and his issues with anger management have gotten substantially better as we see more understanding and cooperation.

It has been a great outcome so far!”

 -W.F., Shelley, Idaho 


“Without a question the best decision I have made as a parent.  Eagle Canyon Wellness Center is a real partner in my entire family’s health and well being.  Finally, a compass for dealing with the most challenging and frustrating disability: autism.”

– L.G., Idaho Falls, Idaho


My son, Ean has sensory processing disorder.  He was struggling with speech, language and coordination as well as transitioning and motor skills.  Since beginning his treatment with Dr. Buerger, I have seen marked improvement in all of these areas.  His language has dramatically improved, as well as his attention in school as he is able to control his body movement better.  His kindergarten teacher was unsure if he would be able to move into 1st grade, but was amazed to see him progress in his reading and writing skills enough to be placed in a regular 1st grade classroom with some resource help.  He continually surprises me with his expanded capabilities and progress. He loves “Dr. B.- she is wonderful to adapt his sessions to his needs and mood. 

– K.M., Idaho Falls


“Our 12 year old daughter started going to Dr. Buerger just over one year ago and in that time she has made tremendous progress.  Both her gross and fine motor skills have improved as have her communication skills.   Dr. Buerger’s unsurpassed level of care and understanding, as well as her gifted professional expertise have been a true blessing to our whole family.” – A.T., Idaho Falls


“…I felt all sad inside, and also had a hard time concentrating…I thank my Mom and Dad for finding Dr. Buerger to help me and thank her for being there…” – M.C., patient (Age 12), Idaho Falls


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